Manual of River Restoration Techniques

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Rottal BurnIntroduction

The River Restoration Centre (RRC) Manual of River Restoration Techniques aims to help river managers identify potential restoration techniques for use in river restoration and sustainable river management. First issued in 1997, it provides detailed examples of innovative and best-practice river restoration techniques, and now includes 64 case examples which can be downloaded as PDFs at 35 sites across the UKas well as updates on how these techniques have worked. The panel ‘Tabular overview of techniques’ opens a simple list of all case examples with easy access PDF links for users accessing information using mobile devices.

How was the manual updated

  • Existing case examples were updated where possible explain how the technique has performed and the site evolved.
  • 17 new case examples were added to the 47 existing case examples
  • A new section How to use this Manual’ has been added.


How do I use it?

  • Users are encouraged to read the ‘How to use this Manual’ section first to learn more about the resource.
  • Case examples range from large-scale civil engineering projects through to small-scale interventions. They include details of the restoration techniques used illustrated with engineering section drawings, diagrams and photographs. Users can search by river name, site designation, restoration technique or Water Framework Directive (WFD) mitigation measure or use the interactive map.Dulais

References are also provided. The Manual is now an online-only resource; however the RRC are able to print off hard copies with a small charge for p&p. Alternatively you can download each version of the Manual as one PDF (note: low-resolution only) to inform your project’s design and development.


Your chance to comment

The Manual has been put together with the support of contacts involved in the projects. However, if you would like further explanation or to leave feedback, contact RRC.


How to use this Manual 

Map of sites

Tabular overview of techniques

View projects by river name 

View projects by site designation 

View projects by technique 

View projects by mitigation measure 

Additional reference material

Print Manual (low resolution version) 


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