Welcome to the home of the River Restoration Centre
Now in its 20th year, our independent, not-for-profit organisation (company no 2904139) has a vision to'inspire, facilitate and support the acheivement of best practice in river restoration and catchment management'. This website is an essential platform for updating the river restoration community on developments in policy, science and practical implementation, and to show how RRC can guide and support your restoration initiatives.
New website launch - have your say 
This new site is easily navigable and makes current river restoration information more accessible. Please explore and if you have any comments or suggestions visit the contact us page and tell us what you think.


Latest Bulletin

In this special edition we celebrate 20 years of the RRC with an article which looks at how things have changed since 1994. The 2015 UK River Prize has also been announced, you can now apply to win the Nigel Holmes Trophy later this year. Other items include an article on the Mulkear Life Project, a report on WEF's progress and some stats from the Catchment Restoration Fund.