River Prize Applicant: Prologis Midpoint Park River Restoration Scheme

This river restoration scheme was designed to mitigate three major impacts from the redevelopment of a sewage works for a business park. It met the requirements for mitigating habitat loss, floodplain loss, and provision of a riparian buffer to meet Council aspirations for a riverside walkway. A back channel and islands were created in a reach of the Tame which was previously canalised and fast flowing, with vertical banks.  The river has adopted a more naturalised channel, with braiding, gravel shoals, small islands and backwaters forming over time. >>

Latest Bulletin

This month we release a few more details about next year's conference, including the keynote speaker. Elsewhere, the RRC is looking to employ an Advisory Project Manager and a Community Engagement page has been added to the website. As usual, we also have information, news and events from the river restoration community.