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The Practical River Restoration Appraisal Guidance for Monitoring Options (PRAGMO) aims to assist all practitioners in the process of setting monitoring objectives as part of a river restoration project. Starting with advice on setting the overall project objectives, this document takes you through what is appropriate for a range of projects; large and small, simple and complex using information on over 30 techniques. 

Because there is a wide range of organisations, with a range of knowledge and abilities, this guidance seeks to include monitoring strategies suitable for different groups. Steps outlined are intended to support technical staff working for competent authorities, consultancies and academic institutions as well as organisations with limited funds, which may need to demonstrate success to Trustees and funders. As a ‘living’ document, the techniques and methods will be updated over time.

The Practical Monitoring Guidance Wiki will be updated as a live document. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki, please email

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“This is a culmination of many years of hard work by the RRC in pulling together monitoring practices from a wide range of groups. The guidance document will be a significant contribution to promoting best practice in river restoration”

Dr. Judy England, Environment Agency.





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