RRC Guidance
Manual of River Restoration Techniques

The authoritative River Restoration Centre (RRC) Manual of River Restoration Techniques provides detailed examples of innovative and best-practice river restoration techniques. First issued in 1997, it now includes 64 case examples from 35 sites across the UK, and updates on how these techniques have worked. 

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Practical Guidance for Monitoring

This comprehensive RRC Monitoring Guidance helps to define targeted and realistic monitoring objectives as part of a river restoration project.  Starting with advice on setting the overall project objectives, this document takes you through what is appropriate for a range of projects; large and small, simple and complex using information on over 30 techniques. 

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Introductory Factsheets

This series of introductory factsheets are funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation to support small UK trusts, partnerships and community groups. There are currently factsheets on What is River Restoration, Monitoring and Evaluation, Fixed Point Photography and the RiverWiki, with more to follow.


Science Digests

The River Restoration Centre will be producing and updating literature reviews in the shape of easy-to-read 'Science Digests'  on issues related to river restoration planning, design and implementation. This is part of our aspiration to link science and practice and deliver evidence-based river restoration. The Science Digests will be freely available online.


Top 10 Tips to Deliver a Restoration Project

This short guide outlines 10 tips that are essential to ensuring successful project outcomes. From developing clear objectives to cost estimations and project design, this two page document gives clear and concise advice on all stages of a restoration project. 



External Guidance

Citizen Science and Volunteer Monitoring Resource Pack

Channel Management Handbook

Rivers by Design       

This guide was produced by The Rivers Trust with assistance from the Defra CPAF Fund and EU LIFE as part of the WaterLIFE project. It seeks to share the experience gained by many of the partnerships by signposting useful guidance, tools, equipment and case studies. View

The Channel Management Handbook is a strategic, high-level guide that provides channel managers with the understanding they need to make informed channel management decisions. View

Urban planning and development has a big impact on our river systems.  At the early planning stages the river can often be viewed negatively as a constraint. This guide sets out how best to integrate river restoration with urban development, and the benefit this provides to local communities. View

Publications Library           

At the RRC we have a wide range of publications that we can make available to our members. View


There are many other sites on the web that provide information on restoration projects, tools and initiatives. We have an up to date list of relevant websites here.