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Scientific Conference: "Scientific advances in
river restoration"

6th - 8th September 2023, University of Liverpool

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CatchmentLIFE - a decision support software to manage river species and communities


Quantifying the hydromorphological status of rivers and lakes in Bulgaria


Measuring the Impacts of Citizen Science


What research does RRC do?

RRC lead and support world-leading research that we incorporate in our work to help guide effective and sustainable river restoration solutions. We aim to deliver and communicate our research via various platforms:

  Research projects   Scientific conference   Publications and articles  

We lead, collaborate and support research to advance best practice in river restoration science. Recent projects/support include:

  • OFWAT innovation
  • EU Horizon 2020
  • UKRI 'future leaders' fellowship

The RRC team are always looking to collaborate and support river restoration research. Please get in touch


Interested in river restoration science? Join our ‘scientific advances in river restoration’ conference at the University of Liverpool on the 6th-8th September 2023. This conference aims to bring together the global research community to share effective river restoration strategies and techniques. More information will be updated on our website soon.


Read our publications and case studies on different themes of river management and restoration. Many of these include peer-reviewed journal articles (see ‘Our expertise’ below), and we have also edited a recent Special Issue on river restoration.

  Teaching in higher education   International conferences   'Bite-sized' articles  

We support and collaborate with masters and PhD students across the UK.

We teach on various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This includes teaching river restoration monitoring to students undertaking the ‘Advanced Water Management’ MSc at Cranfield University.


RRC have presented various research outputs at different international conferences. This includes hydromorphological controls on water crowfoot at the Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences in 2021. We are aiming to present our Bulgarian research at the BSG and International River Symposium conferences in summer 2022.


We aim to communicate our research via other ‘bite sized’ platforms openly accessible to all. This includes our ‘science digests’ that reviews key literature on specific research topics. We have also just released our new research blog – please scroll down for more information on this.



RRC have led and supported research across various subjects relevant to river management and restoration, many of which have been published in world leading, peer reviewed journals. These include:

  Assessing river restoration effectiveness   Assessing hydromorphological alterations   Using hydromorphology to inform river management

Moore et al (2021) - NRRI used to assess biophysical recovery.

England et al (2021) – Faunal responses to a weir removal.

Wilkes et al (2021) – Ecological recovery potential to river restoration.

England et al (2020) - Practical River Restoration Appraisal Guidance for Monitoring Options (PRAGMO)

Cashman et al (2018) –NRRI used to assess large wood used in restoration.

White et al (2017) – Faunal responses to ‘braided’ river restoration schemes.


Joyce et al (2020) – Assessing river planform changes via historic maps.

Joyce et al (2018) – Assessing geomorphologic responses to a flood.

Naura et al (2016) – Modelling habitat conditions across river networks.

Naura et al (2016) – Modelling fine sediment inputs across river networks.


White et al (2021, pp. 340) – Water crowfoot responses to hydromorphology.

White et al (2018; 2019; 2021) – Faunal responses to groundwater abstraction and effluent water returns.

Mathers et al (2020) – Signal crayfish effects on fauna during drought.

White et al (2017) – Faunal responses to flow regulation below dams.

Extence et al (2017) – Fine sediment effects on macroinvertebrates.


Research blog

Our research blog series aims to celebrate scientific research within the river restoration community. Within this, we discuss different topics directly related to river restoration once a month in ‘bitesize’ (5-10 minute) reads. By doing so, we hope to stimulate further conversations on current research topics and help further advance scientific developments within the river restoration community. Contributions are welcome from anyone involved with ongoing research projects alongside the RRC. Please click here to see our posts.

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