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The RRC team are actively involved in a range of scientific research projects which feed into our core work areas. We carry out research to develop theoretical and applied understanding of different topics and methods within river restoration. This feeds into our research-led training courses, technical advice and assessment, which is shared with the river restoration community through blogs, newsletters, conferences, site visits and more!

This research blog series aims to celebrate scientific research within the river restoration community. We will discuss different topics directly related to river restoration once a month in ‘bitesize’ (5-10 minute) reads. By doing so, we hope to stimulate further conversations on current research topics and help further advance scientific developments within the river restoration community. We welcome contributions from RRC members so that your research agenda can be promoted and discussed in a constructive environment. Please join the discussions by commenting on the blog posts below or getting in touch with the RRC.

Our first blog post is authored by Dr James White, Science and Technical Officer at the RRC, who will discuss global flow regime modifications that are threatening river ecosystems.

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James White,
River Restoration Centre
Ecological responses to
flow regime alterations