Advisory support on project bids

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Whilst RRC does not competitively bid against its members for tenders, we are able to support bids from other organisations as an expert impartial organisation with over 25 years of experience in planning, delivering and communicating river restoration. Our involvement can involve, but is not limited to:

  • Attending project meetings and site visits
  • Advice on project methods
  • Comments on project outputs (e.g. reports, drawings, designs)
  • Delivery of project outputs (e.g. surveys, drawings, reports)
  • Supporting stakeholder communication

Supporting your bid

Please talk to us if you are interested in RRC becoming involved in your project bid. Our involvement is flexible and tailored to the requirements of the lead applicant on a case-by-case basis. RRC Members can procure RRC time at a discounted rate for their project bids.

We are interested in all projects related to rivers and their restoration. If you are unsure if RRC will be interested in your project, please get in touch and we will be happy to talk to you about it. If we feel that RRC isn't best placed, we can put you in touch with other organisations that may be better suited.


    Supporting research projects and PhDs

    We recently helped develop a CENTA PhD studentship, with the PhD student starting in October 2022. The PhD is being hosted by Loughborough University, where Prof. Paul Wood will be the primary supervisor. RRC will act as a “CASE” partner, supporting the project financially and providing input on the research scope. RRC designed the project, looking at multiple invertebrate biomonitoring indices to develop a tool identifying key pressures at a given location.

    RRC is also helping a postdoc working at Umeå University on hydromorphological responses to Stage Zero restoration. He started his research in July 2022 so the project is in its infancy. RRC are in contact with the postdoc and have sat in meetings with them alongside a project delivery team for the Holnicote Stage Zero project.

    Organisations we have worked with:

    • University of Birmingham
    • Cranfield University
    • Loughborough University
    Contact us or email us for a chat about how we can help your specific project bid.