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Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity net gain (BNG) is a strategy to develop land and contribute to the recovery of nature. It is a way of making sure the habitat for wildlife is in a better state than it was before development. (Source:

How does it link to river restoration?


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Biodiversity Metric 4.0 is a biodiversity accounting tool that can be used for the purposes of calculating biodiversity net gain. This page includes published information about Biodiversity Metric 4.0, an update to the previously published biodiversity metric 3.1 (April 2022).

Biodiversity Metric 4.0 can be used or specified by any development project, consenting body or landowner that needs to calculate biodiversity losses and gains for terrestrial and/or intertidal habitats.

Work is underway to develop an approach to marine net gain for English waters. We may update the metric to allow for a better integration of intertidal and sub-tidal habitats as marine net gain evolves.

The Biodiversity Metric 4.0

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