River restoration hubs

River Restoration Hubs announced!

The River Restoration Centre (RRC) is establishing a network of River Restoration Hubs across the UK

What is a river restoration hub?

A River Restoration Hub is a not-for-profit, non-statutory organisation which has been recognised by the RRC as a centre of river restoration knowledge within the third sector community.

Who are the river restoration hubs?

Wyre Rivers Trust, North West Lancashire, England Forth Rivers Trust, Edinburgh, Scotland

We are an Environmental Organisation working for an improved environment across the Wyre catchment in North West Lancashire. Our driving goal is to improve the status of all waterbodies within the Wyre catchment by a range of measures which help to promote natural processes, restoring ecological function and allowing our rivers to support nature and benefit local communities. This will be evidenced by improved water quality, water quantity, habitat quality and connectivity across the Wyre catchment, helping our catchment to support a wide range of flora and fauna.

The Forth Rivers Trust aims to engage people with rivers and wildlife that live within the Forth catchment whilst conserving rivers and their important species for future generations. The Trust is involved with many projects ranging from full scale restoration of rivers to engaging communities through organised events.

Gwent Wildlife Trust, Gwent, South Wales Upper & Bedford Ouse Catchment Partnership, Bedfordshire, England

Gwent Wildlife Trust is a charity dedicated to nurturing and restoring our wildlife, part of a network of Wildlife Trusts across the UK. For almost 60 years, we have been the leading conservation charity in Gwent, protecting wildlife and our natural environment, working to educate and empower people to understand and care about the natural world wherever they live, and influencing governments and others to make our corner of Wales a better place, richer in wildlife and more enjoyable for all.

The Upper and Bedford Ouse Catchment Partnership aims to bring together relevant partners to work for the planning and delivery of activities and projects that will improve water quality, channel structure, habitat quality and biodiversity in the Upper and Bedford Ouse Catchment.

How does the RRC support river restoration hubs?

River Restoration Hubs will receive training and support from the RRC. Discussions between the RRC and the River Restoration Hub will determine the most appropriate support that can be offered. The offer may include the following:

Free training - ‘Developing a catchment-wide restoration plan’ and ‘Introduction to hydromorphology’ training, or alternative courses, can be attended by an agreed number of Hub staff free of charge.

Free mentoring - A site visit and up to 10 days of mentoring support per Hub, to include help with development of catchment restoration plans or other areas of development identified as required.

Additional learning - Discounted rates to attend other RRC courses and our Annual Network Conference.

What are river restoration hubs required to do?
  • Provide support and river restoration advice to other not-for-profit organisations. Where further resources and expertise are required, River Restoration Hubs can pass the enquiry on to the RRC.
  • Keep in touch with the RRC and help ensure the river restoration community has access to the best evidence base possible by uploading river restoration projects to the EU RiverWiki and National River Restoration Inventory (NRRI).
  • Organise site visits such as tours of restoration projects, river features or citizen science demos, with support from the RRC if needed.
  • Let the RRC know how the wider river and catchment management community have benefitted from the Hub.
How can I sign up as a river restoration hub?

To express your interest in becoming a River Restoration Hub, please get in touch with us: rrc@therrc.co.uk.

How do I get involved with a river restoration hub?

Once the River Restoration Hubs have been established, contact details for all hubs will be available on this webpage.