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The River Restoration Centre (RRC) team is based at our office located at Cranfield University, near Milton Keynes, in Bedfordshire. The team has a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise enabling them to help you with a variety of river restoration and catchment management questions. Everyone at RRC works closely together so if the person you need is not around then there will be someone else that can help.


To contact a specific member of RRC staff or to find out more about their role please click on a name:


Martin Janes - Managing Director

Martin has direct responsibility for the overall management and business planning of RRC working closely with, and supported by, the Company’s Board of Directors and the associated Advisory Board. His role includes the project management of the core funders’ contracts. He also has considerable experience in terms of river restoration delivery and concepts and therefore retains a strong link with the technical side of the organisation.

Martin joined RRC in April 1998 with an MSc in Environmental Water Management having previously worked with the RSPB compiling the New Rivers and Wildlife Handbook. Between 1994 -1998 he was the project coordinator for the EU-Life funded River Cole and River Skerne demonstration project.

Contact Martin for information about how RRC operates, discuss core funder agency agreements, national initiatives and consultation responses.


Marc Naura - Science and Technical Manager

Marc provides technical advice and expertise on river restoration schemes as well as helping the team develop research bids and manage the online river restoration database and project map.  He will also be developing decision support tools and training courses for river restoration. 

Marc is a geomorphologist and ecologist with a keen interest in decision support and software development. He is particularly interested in what technology and science can do to help practitioners and environmental managers in their decision-making.

Contact Marc If you have suggestions, ideas or request with regards to the kind of tools, training or services you would like RRC to offer.


Josh Robins - River Restoration Adviser

Josh’s role at RRC is to provide technical river restoration advice to enquiries and on-site projects.  This involves scoping new possible projects, providing best practice case studies and advice to illustrate options/techniques, and evaluating the success and learning from completed work. Josh manages RRC’s annual program of events, as well as coordinating or delivering the training courses, workshops and member site visits.

Contact Josh if you have any technical enquiries or are looking for project advice. Also if you have any questions about training events, or to discuss how you could benefit from membership of RRC. Josh can also help with sales enquiries and contracts.


Alexandra Bryden - Information Officer

Alex's role involves keeping the RiverWiki up to date with projects, managing the RRC's website, and managing the National River Restoration Inventory (NRRI) and Reference Library. Alex also helps out with projects and site visits, and edits RRC's monthly bulletin and social media platforms.

Alex joined RRC in October 2016 after completing an MSc in River Environments and their Management.

Contact Alex for help updating your own RiverWiki projects, to add your project to RRC's UK webmap, and with suggestions for the monthly bulletin.



Nicola Mackley - Centre Administrator

Nicola runs the bookings process for the Annual Network Conference and Training days, helps to maintain the National River Restoration Inventory, acts as RRC’s membership secretary and manages the contacts information and distribution lists.

Nicola joined the team in September 2015, she has a background in school administration and is a graduate from the University of Northampton.

Contact Nicola for information about membership benefits and pricing, booking a place at the Annual Conference or general enquiries about how RRC can help you. If you are unsure about whom you need to speak to within the organisation, just ask Nicola.


Jackie Hinton - Accounts Technician

Jackie undertakes the management accounting functions of the business and works alongside the Managing Director and Science & Technical Manager with business planning, project management and support to the Board.

Contact Jackie for invoicing advice and support.


Hannah Joyce - Science and Technical Officer

Hannah provides technical advice and develops research opportunities. She is interested in the dynamic interactions between sediment, flow and channel morphology to support process-based river management and restoration. Hannah is currently developing hydromorphological assessment methods for the Water Framework Directive, and working on the Measuring Impact of Citizen Science (MICS) project.

Hannah joined the team in June 2019. She completed her PhD at Durham University, which investigated the patterns and controls of river channel planform adjustments over the last 150 years on 270 rivers in the Lake District, UK.

Contact Hannah for technical advice about fluvial geomorphology, upland rivers and developing research projects, as well as information on the MICS project.


James White - Science and Technical Officer

James provides scientific and technical expertise on different projects. His responsibilities entail delivering training courses, pursuing research funding opportunities and studying application of best-practice restoration techniques. He is currently working on a project funded by the World Bank, aiming to characterise the hydromorphological status of rivers and lakes across Bulgaria.

James joined the team in May 2020, 2-years after he obtained his PhD at Loughborough University. His research explores water management operations, including groundwater abstraction and water-supply reservoirs, and impacts on ecological processes in rivers.

Contact James for technical advice about freshwater ecology, water resource management operations and mapping infrastructure.