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   Citizen Training

The aim of the citizen River Habitat Survey (cRHS) training is to provide you with the skills to characterise and assess, in broad terms, the physical structure and condition of freshwater streams and rivers.

After taking part in the course, you will be able to: 

  • Identify river habitat features, modifications and the impacts of river modifications on river processes, forms, and habitats in the field
  • Carry out a cRHS survey and complete the cRHS form
  • Understand the use and application of cRHS data

cRHS training is delivered as a hybrid course through online learning and fieldwork. The online component of the course takes place over 4 weeks using interactive videos, with short online catch-up calls to check up on your progress. There are 3 core sections of online learning material in the course: an introduction to hydromorphological forms and processes; bank, channel and valley features; and spotting modifications and their impacts on the stream. At the end of the 4 weeks there will be 1.5 days of fieldwork where you will get a chance to practice carrying out surveys in the field and recording spot-check videos. Following the fieldwork you will have to do a survey on your own and send us your form and videos. We will feedback to you on the outcome of your survey.

Structure of course:

Week 1:

  • Live online introduction to the course (1.5 hrs)
  • Independent online study - Part 1: Introduction to hydromorphology (2-3 hrs)

Week 2:

  • Online Q&A session (optional) (45 mins)
  • Independent study - Part 2: Bank, Channel and Valley features (4 hrs)

Week 3:

  • Online Q&A session (optional) (45 mins)
  • Independent online study - Part 3: Spotting river modifications and their impacts (3 hrs)

Week 4:

  • Live online session - preparing for fieldwork & Q&A (45 mins)

Week 5:

  • Fieldwork (1.5 days) – visit to 3 river sites with the group to practice the survey in different river settings

   cRHS training platform

The cRHS training is hosted on our virtual training environment: Link to platform

This online learning platform allows individuals to work their way through the course material at their own pace, in their own time.

The online learning material includes: interactive videos and quizzes providing instant feedback throughout the course to help you learn.

The learning environment is easy to use and will work through your internet browser (no software installation required). You can mark sections as ‘done’ once you have been through the resources to track your progress and drop in and out of the learning sections in your own time.

   Become a cRHS trainer

Would you like to be a cRHS trainer? This course will teach you how to lead a cRHS training course and provide the resources to do so.


   Bespoke training

RRC offer bespoke, tailored courses to suit your organisation or site. Please contact us to discuss a bespoke cRHS training course.

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