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   How to do a cRHS survey

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Overview of the survey method

Find out about the what is involved in a cRHS survey, including what is recorded, the structure of the survey and how it is carried out by volunteers.

Also, watch our Introduction to cRHS Video.




Recording observations

Learn about cRHS spot-checks. What is a spot-check? What is recorded during a spot-check? In these videos you will also learn about defining the spot-check zone, how to identify the bank-top, how land use is recorded, and how to record a video for spot-check quality control.

Also, watch our video on how to record channel dimensions.


   Interpreting Data


   360° Photography

A 360⁰ camera provides the opportunity to capture a panoramic view of a landscape. Using these cameras is a great way of illustrating a site, specific feature, or significant pressure on a river. Plus, these images can be shared with a range of stakeholders to highlight survey sites and ask for expert advice. View our 360 photography guidance documents below:

How to use 360⁰ camera

How to upload 360⁰ photos to Google Street View App





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