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RRC Training Course Series
River Erosion Management

June 2024

Opening June 19th 2024,
with online Q&A July 17th 2024, 10:00 - 11:30

Booked delegates will be emailed on June 19th, with links to login to the learning platform and work through the material

Online Learning Platform

We have developed this course to hold as a hybrid learning course, with material uploaded to an online learning platform for delegates to work through in their own time over a 4-week period. Following this, we will hold a 1.5 hour Q&A session online for all attendees on the course to join and discuss the material.


Make a payment


If booking within 4 weeks of the date the course starts, we expect you to make payment using card or bank transfer, before the start of the course.


Erosion is a natural process in all river systems. This one-day course will provide an introduction into: the types and drivers of river bed and bank erosion; the techniques for monitoring erosion, and approaches to manage and control erosion in different settings. The course is open to all with an interest in rivers and river restoration, and will not require significant prior knowledge of these topics.

Objectives   Cost (incl. VAT)
By the end of the course, you will be able to  
  • Recognise the types and drivers of river bed and bank erosion;

RRC Members: when offered in-person £228 (When offered online: £165)

Non-members: when offered in-person £297 (When offered online: £222)

  • Understand the techniques for monitoring erosion;
  • Identify the different types of erosion management and how these can be used for different river systems.


What did previous participants think was the most useful thing they learnt?

"Good to stay up to date on techniques. Will be applied in projects"

"Thinking more about whether erosion issues really are issues as well as looking at all contributing factors"


Previously run

  November - December 2023

Online Learning Platform

  September 2022

Wilmslow, Greater Manchester

  January 2022