Restoring River Floodplain Systems

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RRC Training Course Series
Restoring River Floodplain Systems

If booking within 4 weeks of the date the course starts, we expect you to make payment using card or bank transfer, before the start of the course.  

This course will provide an introduction into the restoration of river floodplains. We will cover the theory of functioning floodplains and rivers, the history of human modifications to these ecosystems and various restoration and management techniques. Additionally, we will focus on the unique benefits and challenges associated with restoring floodplain meadows, as these habitats play an important role in supporting biodiversity and providing a range of ecosystem services. This is an introductory course aimed at practitioners, NGO’s, statutory agencies, wildlife/river trusts, landowners and people making environmental decisions on the ground.

In addition to in-person lectures and discussions, the course will also include a half day of field work. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other course participants and experts in the field, fostering a community of restoration and management practitioners and enthusiasts.

The field visit will include practical activities to put into practice the theory learned in day one. It will include working in small groups to identify pressures and impacts to the river and floodplain, identify vegetation communities and consider how these relate to hydrological processes, use an auger to find the water table, and understand the different factors to consider when restoring river and floodplain meadow systems.

Join us in this exciting training course to enhance your knowledge and expertise in river and floodplain restoration and contribute to the sustainability and resilience of our natural systems.

This course is delivered by the River Restoration Centre and Floodplain Meadows Partnership.


Key learning outcomes   Cost (incl. VAT)
  • Develop an understanding of the theory & fundamentals of functioning floodplains and rivers.


RRC Members: £417

Non-members: £543

  • Recognise modifications to rivers and floodplains and understand their impacts.

  • Identify when and where to apply different techniques to manage or restore river and floodplains connectivity.

Previously run

  19th - 20th July 2023

Open University/River Ouzel Valley Park