Inside this issue: RRCs outing to the Houting project in Denmark, assessing restoration success on the Avon and river management on the Isle of Man.
Inside this issue: a report on the 10th RRC Annual Conference in Nottingham; hydromorphological stream restoration in France; and an article on the progress of a habitat and access enhancement project on the River Cam.
Inside this issue: the CIWEM Living Wetlands Award 2009; a report on the London Rivers Action Plan and its launch; a discussion of the effects of wooden upstream V groynes on benthic macro-invertebrates and fish diversity; and strategies for dealing with invasive plants along UK rivers
Inside this issue: the Meades Water Gardens Regeneration Project; a discussion of appropriate modelling for river restoration and enhancement schemes; the remediation of Stoke Brook and the River Derwent; and an account of the Wild Trout Trust 10th Anniversary of the Conservation Awards
Inside this issue: River restoration worldwide (an update following the ECRR conference); a summary of the London Rivers Action Plan; an introduction to the Inchewan Burn project near Dunkeld; Mill Weir Breach on the River Exe.
Inside this issue: A summary of the River Rye Habitat Improvement scheme; Changes to the RRC board; Book Review - "Gravel Bed Rivers"; an update on Channel Restoration in Contaminated Urban Settings (CROCUS); and a discussion on the conflicting views of managing river bank erosion.
Inside this issue: An update on the RRCs work since 2005; River Restoration in a global perspective; the Wild Trust Trust awards 2007; and a summary of the River Pinn Flood Alleviation Scheme.
Inside this issue: A summary of the RRC 2007 Conference and a date for your diary - the RRC 2008 Conference; details of urban stream restoration projects and post project monitoring in California, USA; a summary of the River Sediments and Habitats R&D project; a new innovative method of floodplain restoration in Milton Keynes; and a summary of the River Quaggy Flood Alleviation Scheme in Southeast London.
Inside this issue: Details of an innovative restoration project designing out Signal Crayfish; a review of the CIWEM World Wetlands Day conference; accounting for sediment ? a new toolbox to help river restorers; details of the STREAM restoration project on the Avon; and an account of the River Restoration North West conference in the USA.
Inside this issue: A review of the FBA's Annual Scientific Meeting; details of the recently completed New Forest Life 3 project; and a study of the biological and geomorphological change in a newly excavated channel of the River Nith, Scotland.