In this issue: A review of the RRC 7th Annual Networking Conference in Edinburgh and a selection of articles looking at the integration of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and river restoration.
In this Issue: Community Catchment Management Guidelines, Argyll and Bute Local Biodiversity Partnership have completed a set of Catchment Management Guidelines which are intended to be used as a tool to help in the development of local catchment management plans that will support a range of habitats and species.
The winners of this year's Wild Trout Trust conservation award, using improved land management techniques in the Pontbren catchment, a geomorphological review of the Valency catchment and Boscastle floods, and using Catchment Action Plans on the River Esk.
The rivers of the Yorkshire Dales become covered under a charitable trust. A review of the technique of engineered log jams. Comments on a new spawning channel on the R.Conon and a summary of the 2005 RRC conference.
In this issue: What has RRC been doing over the last year?, The Shopham Loop Restoration Project and Sinderlands Brook.
In this Issue: Wild Trout Trust Classic Malts Conservation awards 2004, Post-Project Appraisal Questionnaire Results, Restoration of Rye Brook and River Restoration in Northern California.
In this issue: Italian Government Drainage Authority visits the UK, 3rd ECRR Conference on River Restoration, Upper Thames Enhancement Stratergy, 5th RRC Conference and River Restoration in an urban environment and sustainable flood defence
In this issue: The need for a catchment scale approach to river restoration, SEPA's HEI Awards 2003, Assessing and evaluating river restoration schemes by their influence on the community struture of macroinvertebrates, The Alexander River Restoration Project, RAAVI and Ecoflood Workshop.
In this issue - RRC Network Conference 2004, River Restoration Funding Training Course for Scotland, Ripples of Success on the Upper Kennet, Wild Trout Trust Classic Malts Conservation Awards 2003, What has RRC been doing over the Last Year?, The River Brent Enhancement Project and News & Events
This issue summarises the successful RRC conference held this year at Bristol and looks at three projects including the Summerlock stream at Salisbury, the River Ythan Aberdeenshire and considers best practice methods using the Upper Wharfedale as an example.