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River Wensum

The Wensum Restoration Strategy was the winner of the 2014 England River prize.  
A holistic approach was taken to enhance in-channel and floodplain habitats. Techniques included the use of wooded material, flow deflectors and gravel re-distribution.
They were awarded £10,000 which will be used to continue restoring the Wensum, improving links with local universities and ensuring that monitoring is continued into the future.


You can find out more about the Wensum here:
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River Wye

The Wye has had a number of successful projects completed since 1995. The achievements of these projects amount to 62 fish passes, 19 weir removals and 733km of new habitat.

Salmon and Trout species have recovered remarkably since 2003 with species now venturing much further up stream than they were.


Haltwhistle Burn

Haltwhistle burn had the backing of CRF funds to take a 'total catchment approach'. This was to address the issues of quarrying, farming, industry and general population increase.

Works have included the removal of barriers to fish, woodland management and diffuse pollution control amongst others.

Community engagement was also a key aspect including the establishment of the Tyne Rivers Trust Watch Group.





Bow Brook

Here the Worcester Wildlife Trust aimed to build resilience through habitat connectivity. Previous works to control flooding left limited in-stream habitat.

Works included the bank re-profiling, wetland creation, erosion control, fencing and wooded material amongst others.

Achievements included 5km of river improved, 900m2 of invasive species dealt with and nearly 4ha of wildflower meadow created.