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A key role of the River Restoration Centre (RRC) is to transfer our knowledge and experience of river restoration projects across the UK to a wider audience. If you are interested in a member of the RRC staff giving a presentation at your event please contact us.


Conferences, seminars and meetings we have contributed to:

We have presented at regional and national events to an array of different audiences.

September 2015

  • NFM workshop with RA and Blue-Green cities, Belfast, 2nd September. Presentation given.
  • Strategic Partners Meeting with the Upper and Beford Ouse CP, Bedfordshire, 7th September. Presentation given.
  • Introdutory presentation and site visit to Ouse Valley Park with Chinese delegation, 9th September.

July 2015

  • Dove Catchment Partnership workshop on weir removal and restoration planning, 1st July. Presentation given.
  • Ecosystem services workshop, Hexham, RRC event, 9th July. Presentation given. See more.

June 2015

  • RRC Best Practice River Restoration Design: Concept to Delivery - Manchester, 9th June. Presentation given. See more.
  • Joint RRC/ Cranfield Research student (ITN HypoTRAIN) summer school teaching, Berlin, 22nd- 23rd June. Presentation given.

April 2015

  • RRC Natural Flood Management Training Course - Belford, Northumberland, 21st April. Presentation given. See more.
  • Evening presentation in conjunction with ARUP, Northumbria.
  • Landscape Institute East of England, presentation given on river restoration.

February 2015

  • Blueprint for Water conference on Chalk streams (run by WWF), Woking, 5th February. Presentation given

November 2014

  • IUCN UK national committee expert workshop. 'River Restoration and Biodiversity'.  Organiser and presentation given.
  • INBO, international water managers conference.  'Natural Water Retention Measures and River Restoration'. Bucharest, Romania.  Presentation given.

October 2014

  • Natural Resources Wales workshop 'Mitigation for Heavily Modified Water Bodies'.  Presentation given.

September 2014

  • British Society for Geomorphology annual general meeting. 1st to 3rd September, Manchester.  Presentation given.
  • The Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management one day conference. 'Natural Flood Management: The Evidence Requirements for Wider Delivery'. 10th September, SOAS, London. Presentation given.
  • Mulkear LIFE end of project conference. 10th & 11th September , Castleconnell, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Presentation given.
  • Public policy exchange 'Protecting our Most Precious Resource: Tacking Water Pollution and Improving Water Quality'  11th September, London – invited speaker. Presentation given.
  • NIA National Forum - River Nene Nature Improvement Area - river restoration works information stand. London.
  • 'Reviving the Waters: a Conference on Stream Restoration' - invited speaker. 22nd to 24th September, Lycksele, Sweden. Presentation given.
  • 'Identifying, Planning and Undertaking River Restoration Projects'.  SNH Sharing Good Practice Event. 23rd to 24th September, Glen Doll, Scotland. Organiser and presentation given.

July 2014

  • INTERFACES - Marie Curie foundation funded Summer School for post graduates. 4th July, Berlin, Gemany. Workshops delivered on 'stakeholder engagement' and 'ecohydrology and water environment regulation'.
  • Defra WFD team meeting, London. Presentation given.

May 2014

  • Blue-Green Cities field visit to look at river restoration benefits in an contaminated urban environment Oregon, USA. Presentation given.
  • 'International Symposium on Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration', Seoul, South Korea - invited speaker. Presentation given.
  • WWF Blueprint for PR14 (water companies) conference, London. Presentation given.

April 2014

  • Blue-Green Cities workshop as part of the clean water for all initiative including site visit to SuDs on the Ouse burn. Newcastle. Presentation given.