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Fluvial Geomorphology
Process-based River Restoration
Natural Flood Management
Riverbank Erosion Assessment
Riverbank Erosion Assessment
Acacia Hall, Dartford (Completed Date: Mar 2021)

Aim was to produce restoration designs for an extended section of the River Darent in Acacia Hall, Dartford, Kent. The river was significantly impacted through this stretch, with a concrete-lined channel and weir structure within the Acacia Hall reach and generally poor ecological quality and limited aesthetic appearance throughout. Restoration involved the development of a more natural, sinuous channel, removing the extensive hard engineering to reproduce a more visually appealing lowland chalk stream aesthetic.

River Misbourne at Amersham (Completed Date: Jul 2021)

Aim was to restore a significantly straightened and modified section of the River Misbourne, near Amersham, Buckinghamshire. The design phase involved extensive surveys to inform the development of feasible options for the site which included the creation of a remeandered channel and an online wetland. The construction of the design was undertaken in Autumn 2020, with channel remeandering, construction of in-channel benches and riffles and tree thinning all undertaken. Works were completed in early 2021.

Salmons Brook Stage 0 – Enfield (Completed Date: Nov 2021)

Following on from developing a feasibility study for the London Borough of Enfield (LBE) Council's restoration vision for a ‘Stage 0’ rehabilitation of Salmons Brook, Enfield, cbec undertook an Inception Study.

The aim was to create an action plan for the development of possible restoration options within a feasibility study. The feasibility and conceptual design phase was completed by March 2022 and facilitates the development of detailed designs, gathering of regulatory consents and a business case for implementation funding with a view towards project implementation during summer 2023.

Sam has over 6 years’ professional experience in the water resources industry, having worked in the three waters services area as well as in river restoration. Sam’s specialism is fluvial geomorphology, both academically (where he was trained to a Masters level) and professionally (where he has worked on rivers in throughout the UK and New Zealand). Since 2019, he has worked on over 50 river restoration and construction projects within the UK on range of watercourse types including chalk streams, highly modified waterbodies, upland systems as well as wetland development and creation of saltmarsh habitat on tidal rivers.