Ian Morrissey - Atkins

Aquatic Ecological Assessment & Surveys (macroinvertebrates, macrophytes and fish)
River Restoration (feasibility, outline and detailed design, technical site supervision)
Ecological pre- & post-Project Appraisal
Hydroecology for the Water Framework Directive
Wandle Restoration Strategy (Completed Date: Aug 2009)

Designer and technical supervisor of restoration options for 650m of the River Wandle to address unfavourable in-stream and marginal habitat conditions resulting from historic channel change. Design provided low cost options e.g. brushwood channel narrowing devises, utilising onsite material to restore appropriate function for target chalk stream communities.

Bintree Restoration Reach River Wensum (Completed Date: Sep 2009)

Design of pre- and post-restoration monitoring protocols for the Wensum, Bintree. Protocols measure the hydraulic performance of instream restoration features designed to return the river to favourable condition. Temporal changes to macroinvertebrate, macrophyte and fish communities being used to reduce uncertainties in measuring the "success" of the scheme and inform future design options.

Ian has over 10 years experience in the field of hydro-ecology. His knowledge of aquatic species habitat requirements allows him to provide specialist advice on river and wetland restoration options with a focus on macroinvertebrates and fish. In addition to designing restoration schemes, he has been responsible for the implementation of ecological monitoring protocols designed to assess the "success" of restoration schemes through the investigation of changes in biological community structure.
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