Dr Tim Meadows - AECOM

Fluvial geomorphology/hydromorphology
Bedload monitoring
GIS and morphodynamic modelling
Process-based river restoration and management
Sediment fingerprinting
West Cumbria Water Supplies Project: Mitigation of Habitat Effects on St John’s Beck (Completed Date: Jan 2023)

A multi-year investigation to inform development of a new release regime from Thirlmere Reservoir to maintain the geomorphological and ecological functioning of the River Derwent and Bassenthwaite Lake SAC. Sediment transport data were collected using impact plates, particle tagging and turbidity probes. Restoration options were identified in a parallel project.

Fine Sediment Risk Mapping and Field Validation (Completed Date: Jan 2022)

Development of a GIS-based method for mapping the risk of fine sediment accumulation within Irish rivers. The method calculates a range of geomorphological variables that can be used to inform catchment-scale restoration planning for fine sediment mitigation. Field-based validation of the output was conducted using site walkovers and sediment fingerprinting.

Identifying fine sediment inputs to key freshwater pearl mussel populations (Completed Date: Jan 2021)

A multi-year sediment fingerprinting project to identify diffuse sources of fine sediment to important freshwater pearl mussel populations in three Scottish catchments. Seasonal sampling allowed for temporal changes in the relative importance of different sources to be understood. Results were used to recommend catchment-scale river restoration and land management measures.

Tim is a fluvial geomorphologist with extensive experience of applying knowledge of sediment transport dynamics to complex river management problems. He has worked in consultancy since 2018 and previously held roles at SEPA, the EA, and the University of Manchester. Tim specialises in applying novel field and computational technologies to investigate coarse and fine sediment dynamics from the reach to the catchment scale. He is skilled in GIS and is an experienced project manager.