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Beavers in Scotland: A Report to the Scottish Government

Monday, June 27, 2016

This report by Scottish Natural Heritage draws on 20 years of work on beavers in Scotland, as well as experience from elsewhere in Europe and North America. It provides a comprehensive summary of existing knowledge and offers four future scenarios for beavers in Scotland for Ministers to consider. It covers a wide range of topics from beaver ecology and genetics, to beaver interactions with farming, forestry, and fisheries. The reintroduction of a species, absent for many centuries, is a very significant decision for any Government to take.

RAFTS release ‘Managing River Restoration’ library of guidance notes

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland have published a series of guidance notes entitled ‘Managing River Restoration: Gearing Up For The Management of River Restoration’. 

These documents will help to equip organisations with the necessary tools for the governance and management of river restoration projects, particularly those that utilise public funds.  These guidance notes are intended to promote good practice in this field and outline the procedural requirements that organisations should have in place before embarking on a river restoration project.

Eden, Derwent and Kent win the 2016 UK River Prize

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Rivers Eden, Derwent and Kent have won this year’s UK River Prize following an excellent demonstration of working in partnership to deliver improvements across three catchments, resulting in a healthier and better functioning river environment. After much deliberation the judges selected the overall winner of the 2016 UK River Prize as the combined Cumbria Rivers entry for the Rivers Eden, Derwent and Kent. The project partners were awarded the Nigel Holmes Trophy, named after a hugely influential and passionate river restoration and conservation advocate.

Freshwater Biological Association and Lakes Aquarium open new exhibit ‘Restoring Freshwater Mussel Rivers’

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) and the Lakes Aquarium are excited to announce the opening of a new ‘Restoring Freshwater Mussel Rivers’ exhibit at the Lakes Aquarium. Freshwater pearl mussels have been native to our rivers since the last Ice Age. This exhibit showcases the amazing work going on across Cumbria and England to safeguard our remaining populations.

Natural England: A narrative for conserving freshwater and wetland habitats in England

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This narrative provides an overview of circumstances relating to the conservation of freshwater and wetland habitats in England, considering their ecological function, the natural and anthropogenic factors affecting them, the principles that should be applied to their management, and the respective roles of the main policy mechanisms involved in their conservation. It covers all running and standing water habitats, of whatever size, and terrestrial wetland habitats including bogs, fens, swamp and wet woodland.