Danube delta receives major grant to enable record breaking restoration

Friday, October 12, 2018

An inaugural grant from the newly established Endangered Landscapes Programme will enable Rewilding Europe and local partners to scale up rewilding efforts across an expansive area of wetland and steppe in the transboundary Danube Delta area. This will bring huge benefits to wild nature and a wide range of local stakeholders.

Rewilding Europe is delighted to announce that a grant of 2.1 million euros (2.4 million USD) from the newly established Endangered Landscapes Programme (ELP) will enable rewilding activities to be significantly scaled up in wetland and steppe areas of the Danube Delta. The grant will be used to fund the delta’s largest transboundary restoration project to date, accelerating the recovery of natural landscapes, their ecological processes and associated flora and fauna across at least 40,000 hectares (400 square kilometres) of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. Strengthening cross-border cooperation, it will also bring benefits to local communities through the development of thriving nature-based economies. At least 40,000 hectares of unique Danube Delta landscape will be restored as a result of the Endangered Landscapes Programme grant.

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