Policy priorities for protecting natural capital in England: value, governance and progress on the 25 Year Environment Plan

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 08:30 to 13:00
Central London

This seminar will be a timely opportunity to discuss policy priorities for natural capital, and the role that business, local authorities and the wider range of stakeholders can play in delivering greater protection for the environment.

The agenda includes keynote addresses from Andrea Ledward, Director, Natural Environment, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Dr Gillian Pratt, Deputy Director, Future Regulation, Environment Agency, Sir William Worsley, Chairman, National Forest Company and Tree Champion, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Alex Plant, Director of Regulation, Anglian Water and Vicki Hird, Campaign Coordinator, Sustainable Farm Campaign Coordinator, Food and Farming Policy, Sustain.

This seminar will take place one year on from publication of the 25 Year Environment Plan, delegates will discuss progress on its key objectives and in the context of broader environmental initiatives - including the draft Clean Air Strategy, the recently closed consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance, and the forthcoming environment and agriculture policies being prepared in advance of the UK exit from the European Union.

The agenda includes a case study on the Tree Health Resilience Strategy, and what can be learnt from the approach to its implementation for achieving the goals of economic growth and safeguarding natural heritage.

Further sessions will consider Government recommendations for a new land management system after the UK leaves the Common Agricultural Policy; strategies for the use of natural capital resources like trees, water and livestock; and priorities for environmental governance post-Brexit.

Attendees will also consider the role of natural capital accounting, opportunities available for better resource use in industry, and the balance of responsibilities for maintaining environmental quality.

Overall, planned sessions include:

  • The 25 Year Environment Plan - progress on implementation and linking with the wider policy landscape;
  • Strategic priorities for protecting natural capital - engaging with business, monitoring data and local planning;
  • Environmental governance post-Brexit - enforcement, collaboration and challenges for a new independent body;
  • Developing an agricultural payments system - supporting farmers and promoting sustainability;
  • Realising the value of natural capital - next steps for natural capital accounting and finance;
  • Securing water as a resource - protecting water quality, natural environment and sharing the cost burden; and
  • Emerging regulatory priorities - for environmental protection and conservation.