Introducing Chiara, a PhD student at Cranfield University

I am an avid scuba diver and trekker, brought up and educated in Italy. As a marine environmental scientist I am interested in the ability of natural systems to deliver ecosystem services. I have now started my PhD research at Cranfield University in collaboration with the River Restoration Centre. My research concerns river restoration measures and their impact on the  hyporheic zone. In particular, my work focuses on assessing the effectiveness of physical restoration under varying hyporheic conditions for ecological and habitat improvement.

Under the supervision of the River Restoration Centre, I am currently evaluating the catchment restoration fund (CRF) restoration projects that have been completed across England, with the purpose of identifying sites for my future research investigations. For this reason, I have been involved in the site visit at the River Taw, where I had the chance to see and discuss how different restoration techniques where implemented at this site.  If you are interested in my research, have been involved in any of the CRF projects and know there are some great data sets or, have been involved with any research related to the impact of river restoration on the hyporheic zone, I would love to hear from you.  

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