Making Nature Count: Natural Capital in Policy and Practice

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 10:00
The Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton

This one day conference will present the latest thinking on how natural capital accounting is seen, in some quarters at least, as the way forward for effective biodiversity conservation policy and delivery. Speakers will include government advisers, economists, NGOs, local authority representatives and businesses who will each examine the natural capital approach from their perspective and describe its potential to help address the environmental challenges we face. Delegates will also have the opportunity to consider "so what"? for practitioners, by exploring the implications for professional practice going forwards.

The conference objectives are:

  • understanding the emerging role of natural capital in environmental policy and practice
  • exploring effective approaches to valuing biodiversity as part of the natural capital approach
  • demonstrating practical application of the natural capital approach through case studies from industry, the public sector and from NGOs