What your Membership supports

RRC Members' Site Visit to Rottal Burn, Scotland

Without your membership, we would not be able to provide the same level of information, support and guidance. Here are some of the activities which your membership supports:

Championing the natural & social benefits of restoring our rivers for a 
sustainable future
RRC has been an independent not-for-profit organisation since 1994. We pride ourselves on providing independent, impartial and fair advice to all organisations interested in rivers. Our members ensure that we can continue acting in this role for the river restoration community of practice.
Facilitate networking, sharing and learning
Events such as the RRC Annual Conference and Members' Site Visits bring the river restoration community together and encourage networking and learning. The RRC Bulletin shares the latest news, events and best practice with the community.
Provide independent support and advice to all
We always provide advice to those enquiring about rivers and best practice restoration. This ensures that no one is left without support and those that come to us will be encouraged to follow current best practice.
Celebrate and recognise the dedication of individuals
RRC runs the River Champions Award which recognises the work that individuals do outside of their day to day roles to improve their rivers. These are inspiring individuals who give up their own time to benefit their environment and community. This award is not currently funded and relies completely on the support of our members.
Develop and maintain tools and resources
With your support we are able to continue developing resources and make them available to all on our website. These include our manuals, case studies and factsheets which will continue to provide guidance and support for your next river restoration projects. 
Collect evidence and knowledge
We are continually updating our project database with case studies, techniques and images. This information is an important resource for the river restoration community which is used in project planning and research. Your membership helps us to keep the database up to date and ready to support you in those projects.
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