Mr David Holland - Salix River & Wetland Services Ltd

Soft River Engineering: Bioengineering Design and Construction
Riverbank Erosion Assessment
River Restoration Design and Construction
River Dulais Demonstration Project (Completed Date: May 2004)

Stabilise and enhance 600 metres of mobile gravel bed river. David Holland undertook geomorphological surveys to assess bank erosion process and timescales. Restoration design and contracting also by David Holland. Design 80 large willow tree trunks and root balls as a replacement for the proposed blockstone revetments. Details on Salix website.

River Cleddau Demonstration Project (Completed Date: Jul 2004)

The River Cleddau in Pembrokeshire is a mobile gravel bed river and important spawning river. David was lead designer and contractor looking at bank erosion issues and implementing several innovate bioengineering solutions that control erosion and re-establish diverse bankside vegetation. All living materials used on 800 metres of bank were sourced from the Cleddau catchment. The project was an Environment Agency Wales demonstration project.

Eleven years experience in the assessment of riverbank erosion issues and the application of soft/bioengineering techniques for river enhancement and erosion control. He has a degree in Physical Geography and Masters Degree in Environmental Management. To date has designed or constructed approximately 50km (over 200 projects completed) of river enhancement and bioengineering works on numerous UK river types. A founding member of the European Soil & Water Engineering Group, a group of bioengineering specialists from 8 European countries aiming to educate and support those looking to implement bioengineering techniques.
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