Mr Matthew Hemswoth BSc MSc C.WEM MCIWEM - JBA Consulting

Fluvial Geomorphology
Design and Technical Advice and Supervision
Process Based River Restoration
Natural Flood Management
Geomorphic Hydraulic Modelling
Welsh River Restoration Strategic Planning (Completed Date: Jan 2021)

Catchment and process based geomorphological and ecological assessments to identify system pressures leading to WFD failure. Nature based opportunity identification at a catchment level to identify and prioritise future WFD related projects.

Hertfordshire Weir Removals (Completed Date: Jan 2018)

JBA were appointed to undertake a feasibility assessment for several weir removals in Hertfordshire. Matt was the project manager and lead Geomorphologist. Desk and site based assessments were undertaken, followed by stakeholder engagement, optioneering, hydraulic modelling and design development.

River Cocker, Cumbria River Restoration (Completed Date: Jan 2019)

JBA were appointed to develop a river restoration design of an existing straightened river. A process based approach was taken to developing the detailed design, including extensive site and catchment walkovers, topographical surveying, modelling the sediment regime and stakeholder engagement.

Matt is JBA’s lead fluvial geomorphologist. Matt specialises is fluvial geomorphological assessments, river restoration, tackling erosion and sediment concerns, emergency works, hydraulic modelling and providing advice on wider catchment management (including nature based solutions and natural flood and sediment management). Matt has strong experience leading and supporting teams in the design and delivery for geomorphological and restoration projects at a national and international scale. Matt also runs bespoke Geomorphology courses as part of JBA’s training programme and delivers river restoration and geomorphology training modules in conjunction with Lancaster University for their Sustainable Catchment Management Masters course.
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