James Maddison - Jacobs

Flood defence design, management and assessment
River restoration design
Project Automation Lead and Project Design Manager
GIS systems and analytical techniques
Building Information Modelling (BIM) compliance
Multiple flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) projects in the South West (Environment Agency) (Completed Date: Jan 2020)

James acted as Project Automation Lead and was responsible for managing the automation of projects within the ProjectWise system to ensure our WEM projects adhere to and comply with BIM Level 2 standards (BS-1192). James also ensures BIM compliance of design documents and provides training and guidance to staff in the use of the ProjectWise system on multiple Environment Agency projects including: Avonmouth and Severnside, Wessex Appraisal Package, River Avon Restoration and Poole Harbour Habitat Creation. James champions digital data and information management on our Environment Agency projects in the south west, ensuring that data management supports lifecycle project delivery.

Exeter Flood Defence Scheme Phase 2 (Environment Agency) (Completed Date: Jan 2019)

James was the BIM lead, ensuring the required Environment Agency BIM Level 2 compliance within ProjectWise. James oversees and provides leadership to other staff members to comply with these requirements and assisted in the creation of environmental statements and ecological reports with the production of GIS/CAD drawings and placement and naming within ProjectWise. On behalf of the Environment Agency, James attended consultations as a technical expert and assisted the creation of public presentations. James produced CAD and GIS drawings for designs, ecological areas, archaeological sites and Stage 2 Network Rail ground investigation and supported the collation of relevant data to be used within the scheme such as topographic data, bridge cards, historical drawings and service inquiry information. In addition to this, he was responsible for implementing the single source folder structure and naming conventions for documents to facilitate efficient document review and approval processes.

River Avon Restoration Project, Environment Agency (Completed Date: Jan 2017)

James’ role involved modelling, design supervision, design drawings, contract documents and he was responsible for consultation with Environment Agency, landowners and internal subject matter experts on aspirations of sites and potential river restoration that can be achieved on each site, with consideration to the restrictions imposed by local issues. Hydraulic modelling was required at several sites, which James completed as well as overseeing optioneering of designs and flow splits of mill leat structures. James produced design drawings and contract documentation for consultation, design, construction and As-built (CAD and GIS) at Norton Bavant upstream (river restoration) and Norton Bavant Gauging station (pile placement and gauging device design). James provided site support at Norton Bavant projects including CTQs & ecological monitoring of site issues.

James has helped on many river engineering projects with Jacobs.
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