Katy Kemble - Jacobs

Geomorphological field survey
Hydromorphological assessments
Water Framework Directive assessment
Sediment and erosion management solutions (design and delivery)
River restoration design
Design Lead and Geomorphologist, River Restoration Management, Thames Water (Completed Date: Jan 2020)

Katy is the lead geomorphologist for four river restoration sites, which includes the management, optioneering, outline/detailed design, compilation of tender documentation and construction supervision/management. Katy has been at the forefront of supporting the client through the delivery of the four restoration projects, of which one has been constructed and highly praised by the regulators. The River Cray project has also required extensive stakeholder engagement, for which Katy has attended regulatory meetings, public events and partnership events.

Technical Lead, Chapelhouse Reservoir and Over Water Asset Removal, United Utilities (Completed Date: Jan 2020)

Katy was the technical lead for the project, coordinating a team of seven specialists.  The project looked at the feasibility, optioneering and outline design for the removal of Chapelhouse Reservoir Dam and associated infrastructure, removal of Over Water weir and the reinstatement of the River Ellen. Katy has led the geomorphological technical input to the project, as well as the design element for the removal of the assets. She has led the stakeholder engagement with local landowners, the Environment Agency and Natural England. As part of the study, Katy developed a conceptual model bespoke to the scheme to provide an understanding of the flow and sediment processes, to support the design of the scheme and ensuring the successful reinstatement of the River Ellen and identification of any risk downstream.

Geomorphology and WFD Technical Lead, Littleborough Flood Alleviation Scheme, Environment Agency (Completed Date: Jan 2020)

Katy was the technical lead for the design of two river realignments through the footprint of the new flood attenuation areas. She led the design team consisting of civil engineers, landscape architects, flood modellers and ecologists. This included undertaking supporting geomorphological equations and leading a workshop with the Environment Agency geomorphologists to discuss the design. Katy then led and authored the water chapter and Water Framework Directive (WFD) Compliance Assessment, working with technical specialists to complete the reports. Katy led monthly stakeholder workshops supporting the WFD assessment, reaching agreement on suitable mitigation to make the scheme compliant.

Katy has a wide range of experience in undertaking geomorphological fluvial audits on rivers in both rural and urban settings. Katy has led and authored several Water Framework Directive (WFD) Assessments and geomorphological technical assessments for projects across Britain. She has worked on a wide range of projects providing tailored advice for both small and large scale schemes. Katy is experienced in providing practical solutions/mitigation where applicable and has supervised the delivery of river restoration and mitigation works during construction. She has significant experience in supporting design and delivery of erosion control measures on a range of river types across the UK, ranging from emergency works for large construction sites and small tailored asset solutions.
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