Dr Andrew Brookes - Jacobs

Geomorphological survey of rivers and estuaries
Ecological restoration
Hydraulic modelling and assessment
R&D, Training
Tilmore Brook, Petersfield Hampshire (Completed Date: Nov 2006)

Andrew has project managed a restoration project on behalf of a well-known house builder. This involved designing bank and bed stabilisation techniques using vegetative techniques and natural materials. The key element of this project is linkage with landscape architect specialists within Jacobs and supervision of the Contractor (Five Rivers).

lalomita River, Romania (Completed Date: Dec 2005)

Andrew was responsible for the design of a river restoration project on a tributary of the Lower Ialomita River in Romania. This involved a catchment geomorphological survey to identify likely causes of river erosion, including gravel mining and entrapment of sediment in a dam. The local problem (leading to floodplain erosion and threatening a landfill site) was ascribed to previous channel straightening and mainstream downcutting. This potentially catastrophic erosion was rectified by a scheme involving a series of check weirs.

Andrew is the Director within Jacobs responsible for all aspects of geomorphology. There is currently a team of 8 geomorphologists based in Reading, Manchester and Leeds. Andrew has over 25 years experience in geomorphology and restoration of fluvial, tidal and coastal environments. He is currently involved in R&D work for Defra on the Water Framwork Directive and has published widely, including a book on the environmental impacts of river engineering and another on river channel restoration.
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