Laura Collins - Greenfix

Product Supplier
Erosion Control
Embankment Stabilisation
Vegetated Retaining Walls
Silt control and entrapment
Bonaly Burn (Completed Date: Jun 2019)

Envirolok® Vegetated MSE bags were installed to line a burn where a series of Gabion baskets had failed. Greenfix worked with the designers to specify a greener and more flexible solution. The site also had limited access so pre-filled bags were used to quick and easy installation.

Stanton Cross Development (Completed Date: Jan 2018)

As part of a major residential development a new nature reserve was created. The nature reserved works includes a river diversion and the creation of several ponds. Envirolok was created to provide scour protection and a vegetation finish to blend in with the surrounding landscape

Valley Gardens, Saltburn Redcare and Cleveland Council (Completed Date: Sep 2019)

High flows along a watercourse in Valley Gardens in Saltburn has caused damage to the public footpaths. Greenfix helped to design a system using both brushwood faggots and rock rolls to provide scour protection along the bank. Due to changing water levels the system was design to allow for this.

Seven years’ experience advising consultants, contractors and other stakeholders on erosion control and soil stabilization. Specialism in Coir and other biodegradable blankets and meshes for erosion control and soil stabilisation. Created CPD approved and other presentations for consultants, contractors, and public bodies. Compilation of technical resources and information.
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