Mr Russell Spencer - Five Rivers Environmental Contracting Ltd

Early Contractor Involvement
River Restoration Design & Build with bio-engineering
Innovation & problem solving in a dynamic environment
Identifying multiple benefits & added value
Health & Safety in the aquatic environment
River Lea, Amwell – 1km of river restoration (Completed Date: Oct 2018)

As Designer and Contractor, Russell was able to deliver bespoke works with a flexible design approach. Adapted a variety of large woody material techniques to create a sinuous channel, translocated wet grassland for quick establishment. Specialist floating plant to minimise disturbance. Problem-solving around retained cricket bat willows and unexpected population of roman snails.

River Avon, A Crossing – 450m of palaeo-channel (Completed Date: Sep 2017)

Outline designed was produced by the client which was re-appraised & tailored onsite for maximum benefits. Russell identified multi-benefits during delivery of the project including; wetland turf translocation which accelerated establishment, incorporated existing trees within the ‘new’ channel, online ponds created to improve floodplain connectivity and win site gravels to minimise costs.

Durleigh Reservoir river restoration and wetland creation project (Completed Date: Sep 2019)

A design / build project to reduce sediment and nutrient inputs into the reservoir. Designs were developed with the Client and multi-benefits developed throughout the project including, hibernacula’s, leaky woody debris dams, online ponds, reed beds and silt settlement areas.

Russell has a degree in Geography and has worked in the Regulatory, Consultancy and Contractor water sector in his professional career. 20 years experience of design & build projects in river restoration, fish passes & environmental mitigation. Russell is experienced throughout the project lifecycle, including early contractor involvement, working with clients to develop projects, partnership working, identifying opportunities to deliver multiple benefits with cost saving benefits, creating innovative solutions, planning, managing, reporting and monitoring projects.
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