Mr Adam Ellis - Five Rivers Environmental Contracting Ltd

River Restoration Design
River Restoration Construction
Fisheries/Fish passage
Ecological Mitigation
Upper Wensum Restoration Scheme (Completed Date: Oct 2018)

Ambitious river restoration scheme culminating in three years of construction. Project director for construction phase.

River Bewl Restoration (Completed Date: Mar 2018)

River restoration scheme to mitigate for regulated flows. Project manager for construction phase.

Chisenbury River Realighment (Completed Date: Oct 2017)

Excavation and reconnected of paleochannel on River Avon SAC. Project Director.

Adam is a Technical Director at Five Rivers Environmental Contracting Ltd. Five Rivers specialises in River Restoration design and build, as well as wetland creation and fish passage works. With over fifteen years industry experience, Adam has worked in regulatory, consultancy and contractor roles within the water sector. Specialisms include ecological restoration and monitoring.
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