Matthew Davison - Carcinus Limited

Fisheries ecology & management
Catchment walkover & habitat mapping
Macroinvertebrate sampling and assessment
Habitat enhancement & management
Environmental Impact Assessment/Habitats Regulations Appraisal
Brook lamprey condition assessment of the River Itchen (Completed Date: Nov 2018)

Following the common standards monitoring criteria, Carcinus designed and implemented a catchment wide assessment of the River Itchen on behalf the Natural England and the Environment Agency. The study was focused on the larval (ammocete) phase of the brook lamprey (Lampetra planeri) which were sampled using electro fishing techniques.

Botley Bypass Fish Habitat & Enhancement Study (Completed Date: Ongoing)

Following completion of a habitat walkover survey to map fish habitats, a management and enhancement plan was formulated. The plan took into consideration all existing pressures including obstacles to fish passage. Recommendations were then tabled and reviewed. As a result, Carcinus is now engaged in ongoing salmonid spawning monitoring works.

Winchester flood alleviation fish ecology preliminary impact assessment (Completed Date: Aug 2018)

A baseline characterisation was undertaken to establish the fish ecology of the River Itchen flowing through Winchester. This involved detailed consultation, targeted literature review and a habitat walkover survey. Data was used to inform a preliminary impact assessment to aid with engineering and design of the planned flood alleviation measures.

As Director of ecology within Carcinus, Matthew is responsible for coordinating and delivering a broad spectrum of environmental works. He is routinely called upon to design and implement a wide variety of survey-based activities including fish population assessments, macroinvertebrate sampling, water quality monitoring and habitat enhancement / restoration studies. Additionally, Matthew provides support with environmental impact assessments, scoping and feasibility studies. He has worked extensively throughout the UK including within transitional and coastal waters.
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