Ed Henshaw - Bluengineering

EIAs, WFD assessments & permitting
Natural Flood & Sediment Management
Design of river structures & restoration works
H&S, environmental, financial & technical management of river works
Geomorphology Impact Assessment for Freshwater Pearl Mussel Habitat (Completed Date: Dec 2014)

A new intake was proposed upstream of FWPM gravel beds. Geomorphological surveys were undertaken followed by detailed modelling which was integrated with FWPM survey findings. This led to engineering recommendations being made to set limits for abstraction and the design of the intake to minimise impacts on sediment transfer.

Fish Passage Design for Forest Culverts (Completed Date: Aug 2015)

Poorly designed culverts on forestry haul roads led to discharge bed scour which in turn made impassable steps and low flows in the culverts. Engineering, flow and fisheries assessments enabled cost effective pre rock step pools to be designed and installed. The flexible design was applied to multiple culverts.

Design, Permitting & Building of In-bed Intake (Completed Date: Ongoing)

A new water abstraction intake was proposed but high boulder bed-load and fish migration issues ruled out a Coanda weir. Detailed flow, geomorphology, fish, and ecology monitoring then assessments led to the design, permitting and building of an in-bed drop screen which ‘engineered out’ fish and geomorphological impacts.

Ed has over 15 years experience in environmental surveying, assessment, permitting and water/land engineering design and implementation. From a farming background, he graduated from Durham University and worked for ADAS, then private consultancies before establishing his own practice. Bluengineering offers a comprehensive range of surveys and assessments focused on water and river projects. However, the company also undertakes engineering design and permitting as well managing and directly undertaking technical works.
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