Katie Atkinson - Arup

Fluvial Geomorphology
River and Catchment App Development
Catchment Data Science and GIS
Bespoke Programming
Catchment Management
Morphology Surveys, SEPA (Completed Date: Dec 2016)

This project involved completing geomorphological surveys of 5500km of river in Scotland to provide inputs for SEPA to run their MImAS tools. Katie was responsible for developing the mobile data collection strategy as well as helping to manage the project.  Katie also developed numerous models to post process the data.

FloodLight development (Completed Date: Jan 2016)

Katie has developed a tool to complete flood damage assessments using python scripting. The tool has a user friendly interface within ArcGIS to enable the user to manipulate and understand the data.  This enables inconsistencies to be identifed when working through the tool.

MImAS v2 Tool, SEPA (Completed Date: Dec 2016)

Arup and cbec have updated the MImAS tool to increase the accuracy and confidence in the WFD status defined by the tool. Katie helped to manage the project whilst working on the technical aspects to build the new tool. Katie liasied with the wider team to ensure it meets requirements.

Katie uses her understanding of fluvial geomorphology to create innovative tools and models which enable efficiencies to be realised on projects. She has developed mobile applications to enable data to be synced directly to the server. This avoids the need for post survey manual digitisation. Katie ensures that the models that are developed match the requirements by linking her detailed understanding of geomorphological processes alongside her technical knowledge.
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