Dr Sally German - Arup

Fluvial Geomorphology (e.g. fluvial audits, bank erosion assessments, historical channel analysis) and consultancy/design/technical supervision of river restoration schemes
River Bourne - Strategic Review of River Restoration for Low Flows Solutions (Completed Date: Mar 2008)

Arup were appointed to undertake a field and desk-based assessment of the River Bourne SAC to determine the current geomorphological condition of the river and develop a range of restoration options with reference to ecological habitat requirements. Sally acted as project manager and also undertook field surveys, data analysis and reporting to develop a restoration plan for the River Bourne. Several potential river restoration options were outlined following identification of low geomorphological habitat diversity, along with guidelines relating to how these options can be used to respond to specific problems.

Tregaron Flood Alleviation Scheme (Completed Date: Jan 2009)

As part of the Tregaron FAS Sally has undertaken a Geomorphological Assessment of the Afon Brennig, providing geomorphological advice and technical input into the detailed design of the scheme. Sally's inputs include the design of a low flow channel and variations in bed topography to provide improvements in ecological habitats and to ensure long term stability of the chosen scheme.

Sally specialises in the management of fluvial environments, with over nine years experience involving management of numerous commercial river-based projects for various organisations, leading to her development of a methodology to provide strategic catchment-based advice on ecological and geomorphological river restoration. Sallys typical working outputs include advice on catchment management, local erosion/sedimentation issues, and strategic and sustainable river restoration options. She has extensive experience in both field and GIS-based analysis of fluvial geomorpholgical systems.
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