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Gunville Hatches, River Avon and Norton Bavant Fish Pass, River Wylye. (Completed Date: Nov 2015)

Two parts of a large Environment Agency project AWM carried out on the rivers around Salisbury in 2015 to carefully remove the old cast iron hatches and winding gear at Gunville improving fish passage and flood management. The hatches were transported to a local museum where they are now an exhibit. A new pedestrian footbridge was also constructed over the river at the same location. At Norton Bavant we temporarily diverted the Wylye and constructed a baffle type fish pass with eel brushes at the site of an old mill.

River Little Stour, Fish Pass and Restoration Works (Completed Date: Aug 2015)

This project for the Environment Agency near Canterbury in Kent was to replace one high weir preventing fish passage upstream with three new notched weirs that re-enabled it. Various in-channel restoration works were also carried out to improve fishery habitat downstream of the new weirs.

River Wandle Fish Pass at Trewint Street, Earlsfield, London. (Completed Date: Oct 2015)

This project for the South East Rivers Trust was to install a baffle fish pass at the location of two existing weirs either side of an island restricting fish passage. The river was diverted down one channel while the baffles were resin fixed to the existing concrete spillway. Three notched hard wood pre-barrages were then installed in the channel below the baffles to create resting pools for migratory fish and connect the fish pass to the level of the river downstream of the island. A final pre-barrage was installed across the other channel past the island to maintain a flow of water through the fish pass at all times.

Edward Hall has been working on rivers and lakes for over 20 years. He is well versed in the subtleties of working in such sensitive environments and with this experience is able to offer sound advice on the practicalities of implementing restoration schemes as well as gaining the most benefit for the available budget.
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