Dr Neil Williams - AECOM

Fluvial geomorphology/hydromorphology
Catchment planning for Nature Recovery Networks
River design and restoration
Channel change and landscape evolution modelling and risk management
Sediment transport modelling; coarse and fine sediment, and nutrient / contaminant, scour, transport and sedimentation
River Breamish (Till) SSSI-SAC Restoration Detailed Designs (In progress) (Completed Date: Oct 2023)

Detailed designs to re-meander a mile of historically straightened and embanked channel in 50 hectares of new floodplain wetlands. Responsible for all aspects of eco-morphological designs, securing planning permission and supervising construction.

Yorkshire and North East WFD Mitigation Measures (In progress) (Completed Date: Oct 2023)

River basin scale WFD planning of mitigation measures, and prioritised restoration designs, for 300 water bodies across Yorkshire and the North East. Developed intelligent, Python-automated methods to analyse and map hydromorphology, historic watercourse modifications, and catchment opportunity measures to a new standardised morphological baseline, enabling rapid and auditable prioritisation of restoration schemes.

River Coquet SSSI Nature Recovery Plan and Weir Removals Feasibility (Completed 2022) (Completed Date: Jan 2022)

Catchment scale River Restoration Plan and Habitat Restoration and Creation Plan. Aquatic and terrestrial habitat network modelling, to deliver a Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS) for Defra’s new Nature Recovery Network (NRN) initiative. Combined with hydromorphological modelling of weir removals to demonstrate the benefits of restoring river continuity and easing salmonid migration to >400km of watercourse networks.

Neil is a Technical Director of Geomorphology, and AECOM’s lead geomorphologist, managing a team of UK specialists and AECOM’s Global Technical Practice Group. He is a Chartered Geomorphologist, Environmentalist, Scientist, and Water and Environment Manager, with a genuine passion for geomorphology and river restoration. He has extensive experience in research and consultancy, in a comprehensive range of river environments across the UK and internationally. He has an established reputation of successfully integrating geomorphology, ecology, engineering, and flood management, using nature based solutions for sustainable development.
07553 346 846