Dr Andrew Brookes - AECOM

Fluvial Geomorphology
Hydromorphology and WFD
River Restoration
Mitigation and enhancement of river projects
Coastal Geomorphology
Days Brook, Nottingham (Completed Date: Ongoing)

This constitutes two restoration projects on the Days Brook in Nottingham for Nottingham City Council.  A previously straightened and strait-jacketed river channel now with a more natural geomorphological design with asymmetric/ symmetric channel sections and new substrate. Andrew provided a Technical lead role and Site advice to the contractor/ sub-contractor (for Thames Water).

River restoration on the River Lee under AMP 7 (Completed Date: Jan 2019)

Overall technical lead for feasibility, design and site role during construction. A chalk river with low flow problems, requiring mitigation such as channel narrowing.

Chief Geomorphologist to United Utilities (Completed Date: Jan 2019)

Multiple projects from reservoir discontinuance, re-meandering rivers to erosion control required following Storm Frank and other flood events. Andrew provided a steer on solutions working with natural processes rather than against them. (2014-2019)

Andrew was the first geomorphologist to be directly employed in the UK water industry (1985) and has a strong reputation arising from 39 years experience of management and technical experience in catchment geomorphology studies and river restoration designs (including 17 years with the Environment Agency). He has written two internationally recognised books on river engineering (1988, Wiley) and river restoration (1996, Wiley). As a consultant he had advised the Environment Agency and many other developers including Water Utility Companies, Highways England etc.
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