Wetlands International Webinar Series - Fish passes: design, construction and maintenance

Friday, January 19, 2018 - 10:00

Fish passes: design, construction and maintenance, key criteria and main mistakes

Wetlands International – European Association and the Italian Center for River Restoration invite you to join a series of webinars explaining methods and challenges of river restoration with a specific focus on improving river connectivity. By sharing evidence of effective restoration approaches we aim to enhance the conditions of European rivers and to foster the implementation of river restoration measures.

The construction of barriers and the alteration of water and sediment flows have caused the disruption of longitudinal continuity in many of Europe’s rivers. This has had severe implications for a number of migratory fish species, such as eel and salmon, and in general for the ecological conditions of rivers and related ecosystem services. Improvement of river connectivity is thus a key challenge for river managers.

With this webinar series, we aim to share best practices, promote the debate on new approaches and develop the capacity of CSOs, government, knowledge-based organisations, and other relevant stakeholders such as professional groups, to ensure that effective solutions are taken up in water management.

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