Call for Papers: Special Journal Issue "Recent Progress in River Biogeochemistry Research"

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We invite you to submit your latest research findings showing progress in River Biogeochemistry to a special issue in Water (ISSN 2073-4441) – an open access journal ( The world rivers discharge tremendous amounts of freshwater and dissolved and suspended solids to the sea, affecting physical, chemical, and biological domains of coastal and marine systems. The quantity and quality of the riverine outflows can be greatly affected by a number of factors in the drainage basins, including natural (e.g. climate fluctuation, earth surface, geochemical and terrestrial ecosystems processes), anthropogenic (e.g. land use change and river engineering) and the interactions with floodplains and wetlands. Over the past decades, many river basins have experienced significant climate, environmental and ecological changes. Concurrently, population growth and economic development have seen large areas of rural land converted for urban and industrial development. It is pertinent to quantify how these changes may have modified flow, sediment transport, and metal, nutrient and carbon fluxes from small and large rivers at a global scale. This special issue aims at bringing together the latest endeavors of research on material transport and biogeochemical processes along the aquatic continuum from river to estuary/coastal waters. We encourage submissions reporting the recent findings in the biogeochemistry of carbon, nutrients and trace elements from field observations, laboratory characterization, modeling, and synthetic studies of river systems, and we especially encourage papers that address the world’s large river systems and stimulate critical thinking pertinent to riverine biogeochemistry and its influence to the coastal and marine systems.

Submission deadline May 31st, 2018

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