Video: How nature can save us from climate breakdown

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rewildling vs Climate Breakdown

Rewildling Britain have joined with a chorus of voices to demand support for rewildling in response to the breakdown of our climate.

In a letter published by the Guardian they are calling for governments to support natural climate solutions with an urgent programme of research, funding and political commitment. Signatories range from Greta Thunberg and Margaret Atwood to Dia Mirza and Brian Eno. They see this as part of an emerging international movement to give nature the backing it deserves.

Rewilding Britain is now beginning a phase of activity to demonstrate how rewilding, as a key natural climate solution, can play a crucial role in addressing climate breakdown.

In the meantime, you can read more about this on the Rewilding Britain blog and there's a beautiful video and website about natural climate solutions to visit.  


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