River Friend books

Friday, October 29, 2021

In 2010, world renowned author and Cambridge University Botanist, Dr Sylvia M. Haslam, teamed up with professional artist and desktop publisher, Tina Bone, to co-author a series of riverine/riparian small books. The series of books is designed to bridge a gap: pond-dipping for primary schools does little; nor does scientific or school literature; or EU Law. The people who need to be made aware of loss, however, do turn up in their thousands to visit not only Nature Reserves, but also Cathedrals, National Trust properties and such-like, and often drop in to a gift shop afterwards to buy a memento by which to remember their visit. We would like these people to buy a River Friend book instead of the usual trinket, and to be encouraged by their purchase to look out for others in the series—compact easy-read, A5-size publications, attractive, modestly priced, and most of all informative.

Visit the website and check out the books available to purchase!


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