Riparian Tree Planting Grant Programme

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

£1.4m of new funding for tree-planting projects with a focus on the water environment this financial year.

This programme is competitive and will be prioritised by the EA, first at an area level and secondly on a national level. We will be prioritising projects based on the following criteria: - Confidence in ability to deliver by March 2021 - Contribution to improving water environment including WFD status, NFM etc. - Value for money - Scale, we will be looking for larger projects in the region of £50 – 95k.

Partners will need to submit project mandates to their local area office by 30th October. Please contact your EA Catchment Coordinator in the first instance for any questions and to start your application.


MWHG would be interestd in this. While there are no rivers on the Manhood Peninsula the FL:OW project has visited and mapped the wide variety of wetlands and indicated where trees are needed. Research by MWHG demonstrates that 573km of hedges occur alongside ditches on the Manhood Peninsula. Based on experience one third of these will be in very poor – gappy condition (191km), one third will be ok (191) km , and one third will be missing (191)km altogether 2/3, 282 kms need attention, repair and restoration using local seed adapted to salty conditions. The project aims to establish a tree nursery of locally adapted seed/saplings to assist in planting schemes.

Hi Jill, thanks for commenting on this post and letting us know about the Manhood Peninsula project. Kind regards, RRC team

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