Mapping priorities for restoring natural river and lake function

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Natural England has set up a stakeholder-based process for mapping river/stream and lake restoration priorities. It has just gone live on the FBA priority habitats website. Inputs to the mapping process will be led by participating CaBA Partnerships, and will be live-linked through to the CaBA Open Data Hub for use in RBMP3 planning.

It’s an important opportunity to highlight the best locations to restore natural ecosystem function to rivers and lakes, including sites being identified locally for Stage Zero restoration. Importantly, the process includes streams and small lakes, which too often get neglected by prioritisation processes. Highlighted sites will be added to national maps of river and lake restoration priorities for addressing biodiversity objectives, particularly outside of specially protected sites (which have their own prioritisation processes). Having sites identified on these maps will improve the likelihood of support through the Nature Recovery Network Initiative and Water Framework Directive mechanisms.

Further information on the process, including how to get involved, can be found on the FBA website.

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