News for: Geomorphology

Respecting River Diversity

Friday, February 28, 2020

Australian rivers are different to those in other parts of the world. Our ancient land mass – subject to droughts and flooding rains, cared for and lived with for tens of thousands of years – has produced globally distinctive landscapes and ecosystems that can’t be found anywhere else.

Within Australia, there is an enormous diversity of rivers. This diversity is what makes each river so special and worth valuing.

Changing landscapes: Five decades of applied geomorphology

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Much geomorphological research has potential to be applied but this paper examines the extent and nature of actual applications to environmental management. It reviews how this work has expanded and changed and reflects on the stimuli, types of involvement, and attitudes. These aspects, and how geomorphology can be applied effectively, are exemplified by developments in coastal and river management in the UK, highlighting the contributions made by geomorphology to sustainable strategies.

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