Data & GIS package for Partnerships - Update

Monday, October 5, 2015

An update has been made to the data & GIS package that is available to catchment partnerships. Another update is set to be released later this autumn. The March 2015 update to the data & GIS package is now available, it includes: Landcover maps (LCM 2000 & 2007), Risk of flooding from rivers and sea (NAFRA), Surface water flooding as well as:

  • NIRS category 3&4 (at water body scale)
  • CAMS water resource status (Q50 and Q95)
  • CSF activity map (record of businesses that have been contacted, not what has been done as this is confidential)
  • 2014 WFD status (Cycle I) we will get Cycle II out shortly
  • Water abstraction
  • SgZs for surface and groundwater

If you would like this package of data, please visit the link below.

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