Challenges and Choices Consultation

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Challenges and Choices is a great opportunity to engage with your communities, partners and stakeholders. It’s a chance to urge your partners to contribute to the consultation and to get them more involved in river basin and catchment management. Challenges and Choices gives you an opportunity to help secure commitment and investment from a wider range of partners –to support your activities and improve the water environment.

The Challenges and Choices consultation begins on 24 October 2019 until 24 April 2020. It will help shape the Strategic plan for England’s waters (river basin management plans). The consultation will ask the public, our partners and stakeholders their views on improving the water environment. The final plans, published in December 2021 will contain legally binding water environment objectives and a summary of the programmes of measures to guide Defra, the Environment Agency, water companies and catchment partnerships’ work over the next six years.

Catchment Partnerships have already contributed to developing the Challenges and Choices consultation through your catchment planning work: capturing data and prioritising action. This is the latest part of the ongoing role you have in improving the water management system.

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